Design of production facilities and warehouses

Modern production plants and warehouses

In accordance with the D&B (Design & Build) formula, our work begins from the building design. Harden Construction’s team of architects verifies the construction projects for compliance with technical conditions, fire regulations, and hygiene and sanitary requirements, proposing optimal solutions. We carry out executive design using BIM technology, making solutions more ergonomic at the concept stage and multi-discipline projects more structured.

We begin the design of production halls and warehouses 
by selecting the optimal solutions for the particular facility.

  • We take the client’s individual guidelines and investor’s specifications into account
  • We pay attention to the economy of the proposed solutions
  • We optimise construction and installation solutions
  • We coordinate projects across sectors to make the designed facility as functional as possible for conducting production or logistics operations there

We also make sure that the industrial facilities designed by us, including social and office spaces, guarantee comfortable working conditions and meet the expectations of future users.

Ecology is extremely important to us. We use environmentally friendly solutions. The warehouses and production halls developed by Harden Construction have successfully achieved BREEAM certification at the Outstanding, Excellent or Very Good level.