Each of our projects is a response to the individual needs of an investor

We operate according to the Design & Build formula, from the construction project and completion of the necessary formalities, through the construction of warehouses and industrial facilities, and their equipment, to obtaining an occupancy permit.

In the production plants and warehouses we build, we offer customers personalised technological solutions in order to develop their business and make it easier to operate. Thanks to our experienced team, cooperation with top industry experts and proven subcontractors, we carry out the most complex and technologically advanced investments. We develop modern logistics centres, industrial facilities, e-commerce centres, as well as warehouse and production halls.

We base the design and construction of our facilities on precise calculations, which allow us to accurately determine human and material resources, and select the most optimal technological solutions. To this end, we use state-of-the-art software. Thus, through modern planning and control tools, we guarantee efficient use of resources, high quality and punctuality.

Our offer includes:

  • Implementation and supervision of the entire construction process
  • Complex facility design
  • Certification in the BREEAM system or in another system chosen by the investor
  • Analysis of submitted documentation
  • Risk analysis in the construction market
  • Valuation of individual tenant solutions
  • Drawing up of construction work estimates
  • Development of proposals for optimal technical solutions
  • Carrying out site inspections for a given project in terms of geotechnical and design specifications

We also provide non-standard services and special projects, such as the valuation and construction of e.g. green roofs, mezzanines, cold stores, freezers, technological connectors, roads and the entire infrastructure associated with the industrial and logistics facilities.