Media Expert IV Distribution Centre

ProjectCentral European Logistics HubUsable area80,000 sq. mCityŁódźProvinceŁódzkieCompletion date2022InvestorPanattoniTenant / OwnerTERG S.A. (Media Expert)CertificationBREEAM Very Good

The project carried out by Harden Construction included the development of two industrial halls with a total area of approximately 160,000 sq. m. The buildings meet the requirements for BREEAM certification at the Very Good level and belong to Europe’s largest logistics complex, the Central European Logistics Hub in Łódź, located in the immediate vicinity of the A1 motorway.

The second CDŁ4 hall, completed by Harden Construction as part of the project, occupies approximately 80,000 sq. m. Approximately 20,000 cubic metres of embedded concrete, nearly 2,200 tonnes of steel, 1,123 prefabricated elements, including 477 columns, were used in the construction process. The project includes 2,430 sq. m of office and social spaces, and 89 gates and docks. Both sites are also equipped with bicycle shelters. In addition, the investment has included the construction of two connectors of approximately 82 m and 37 m in length, occupying the area of respectively around 660 sq. m and 237 sq. m. Moreover, a single-span road viaduct with an articulated frame structure was developed.

The project was awarded BREEAM certification at the Very Good level.


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