Panattoni Park Bydgoszcz IV CD

First project in northern Poland

ProjectPanattoni Park Bydgoszcz IVUsable area20,525 sq. mCityLisi OgonProvinceKuyavia-PomeraniaCompletion date2023InvestorPanattoniTenant / OwnerBelma Accessories Systems Sp. z o. o.CertificationBREEAM Excellent

Harden Construction has completed its first project in northern Poland in Lisi Ogon near Bydgoszcz (Kuyavia-Pomerania Province). Panattoni Park Bydgoszcz IV was developed for Belma Accessories Systems Sp. z o. o. The facility occupies the area of 20,525 sq. m, including 12,141 sq. m of warehouse space, and 1,638 sq. m of office space and 6,706 sq. m of production space. The project was completed in six months. The investment was carried out in accordance with the sustainable construction concept and it meets the requirements for BREEAM certification at the Excellent level.


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